The Importance of Security Kiosk

Security Kiosk

The Importance of a Security Kiosk

Security kiosks – known by many terms, such as guardhouses, security huts and gatehouses to name a few – act as an integral part of a company’s operations.

If your company stores any valuable stock or assets, then chances are you already have a security guard or system in place to protect these items, so why should you provide a security kiosk?

In this article, we’ll be talking about the main benefits of owning or renting a security kiosk, as well as discussing the options we currently provide here at UK Kiosks. Continue reading to find out more, or view our ranges.

Security Kiosk

They act as a shelter for your security guard

Kiosks are a stable and suitable option for your site (regardless of location), providing your security guard with shelter in all weather conditions. Whether there is snow, rain or shocking heat, a kiosk will help your security guard escape the elements, while also helping to show your care for your staff.

At UK Kiosks, we offer a range of sizes, colours, and customisation options to keep your guards dry and happy in style!

Not sure whether to buy or hire? Read our guide written to help you consider all the factors involved.

They help prevent trespassing

A security kiosk is an ideal solution for construction sites based in urban areas. Not only will this protect your site from any potential trespassing and thefts, but it can also protect visitors if your site is currently operating and will present dangerous conditions to others.

Our kiosks are suitable for all locations and terrains, so construction sites are no worry. With several portable and rental options, we can provide an easy solution for any temporary or pop-up sites as well. Contact us to discuss your needs.

You can include an electrical package suitable for CCTV monitoring

Security Kiosks can include a range of internal additions and customisation options, including electrical packages which are perfect for CCTV monitoring. By keeping all of your security functions in one location, you can streamline your operations and have prompt response times, should you ever need to tackle a security issue.

Our project gallery has a selection of images showcasing the variety of internal options we can provide for our kiosks. Have a look through to see what yours could include.

Kiosks can connect to a gated entry

Another great feature of our kiosks is the option to connect them to a gated entry, providing an all-in-one solution for your site entrance. A gated entry not only improves the efficiency and effort required from your workforce but also adds a professional feel to your business straight from the gate!

With many internal options available for our kiosks, including electrical appliances such as screens and controls, gated entry’s can be installed without a hitch.

We have also written a previous article talking about why hiring a portable kiosk is a must. Be sure to read this if you would like to learn more.

Our security kiosks are portable, robust and can suit any location needed. Be sure to check out our ranges to find your next kiosk- we have different models to suit a variety of needs and purposes. Get in touch today.


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