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What are GRP Electrical Cabinets?

Premium Quality, Superbly Flexible GRP Electrical Cabinets, manufactured in the UK

The UK Kiosks’ Single Door & Double Door GRP Electrical Cabinets are handmade to the highest standard. Featuring stainless-steel hinges, secure lockable doors, IP55 dust and water protection and a UV stabilised gel coat finish. All of our grp electrical cabinets are available in multiple standard sizes, with either semi-gloss green finish, this range combines superb quality with fantastic value for money.

Quality, reliability and innovation are a few of the many qualities the UK Kiosks team are known for. From design to manufacture, our experts work closely with you to fully understand your aims and requirements. We aim to supply you with the perfect solution, both on time and within budget. Our standard sizes are available from stock for immediate delivery within 48-72 hours or upgraded to next-day delivery.

Our Range of GRP Cabinets & Enclosures

GRP enclosure DT3

The T Range

Our T Range are made up of a UV stabilised external gel coat with a semi gloss finish. Our standard colour is British Racing Green (14-C-39). Designed and test to BS476 part 22 and exceeded half an hour fire rating. Comes complete with 18mm plywood backboard and cylinder key lockable latch with aluminium pull finger.

SN1 2

The N Range

Our N Range of GRP electrical cabinets are made up of a UV stabilised external gel coat with a semi gloss finish. Our standard colour is British Racing Green (14-C-39) with a half an hour fire rating, IP55 dust & water protection and an 18mm plywood backboard. Comes complete with Cylinder key lockable latch with aluminium pull finger.

DE2 2

The E Range

Our E Range is also constructed from GRP (glass reinforced plastic) with an IP54 rating, compliant to BS8567:2012, fire retardant to BS476 Part 7 1997, Class 2 and also complies with ESI standard 12-3 April, 1986. Comes complete with three point lock fitted Cylinder key lockable latch with a built-in metal ring to install an optional padlock.

SK5 1

The K Range

Our K Range is supplied in Green RAL 6005 – Moss Green. Manufactured in the UK and andmade to the highest standard. Each unit comes with stainless-steel hinges (316 grade), integral bolt down flanges and secure lockable doors. All cabinets have an IP55 dust & water protection rating and a full height, plywood backboard.

SF9 2

The F Range

Our F Range is supplied in British Racing Green. Manufactured in the UK and andmade to the highest standard. Each unit comes with stainless-steel hinges (316 grade), integral bolt down flanges and secure lockable doors. All cabinets have an IP55 dust & water protection rating and an 18mm plywood backboard.

Technical Specifications

All of the below specifications are included in our standard price for each size of GRP electrical cabinets. Please select one of the features to find out more:

DMW 4510
  • GRP polyester resin with UV stabilised external gel coat smooth finish.
  • Roof rain drip system ensures 100% roof water tightness.
  • Complete with neoprene door seals.
  • Encapsulated timber and steel reinforcement
  • Integral bolt down flanges
  • Doors have 12mm core along with steel reinforcement
WN2 2

Finished in British Racing Green (14-C-39) or Grey (10 A 07) Gloss finish (other colours also available to order).

Backboard 750x750 1
  • Pre-mounted 18mm ply backboard
  • Available with open or closed base section
Roof Detail 1
Stainless Hinge 750x750 2
  • Quality fitting
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Double door units have spring latches
WK3 1
  • External semi-gloss gel coat smooth finish.
  • Also available in stippled finish.
  • Maintenance free.

Choice of keyed lock or hasp and staple. Smaller units can also have meter cupboard locks.

Product Enhancements

Our GRP electrical cabinets can be modified to suit your requirements Listed below are details of a number of enhancements that can also be fitted to your cabinet.

aluminium vent for grp cabinets

Air vents can be fitted to your cabinet as required.

Bunded Floor inside GRP electrical cabinets

Floors come open as standard with 100mm fixing flanges. You can also have a solid floor or if required a load-bearing floor.

Socket image

We can add a 16amp electrical package to your cabinet which comes with lights, sockets, a fuse box and an intlet.


We can add mounting brackets to the side and back of your cabinet or enclosure.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide for GRP Electrical Cabinets

Proper care and attention to our electrical cabinets are essential for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your electrical systems.

We will walk you through routine inspections, cleaning procedures, and effective troubleshooting strategies for common issues that may arise.

Regular inspections are key to identifying potential problems before they escalate. Follow these steps for effective routine inspections:

Visual Examination:

  • Inspect the exterior for signs of physical damage, such as cracks or dents.
  • Check for loose or damaged electrical connections.

Temperature Checks:

  • Ensure that the cabinet is operating within the recommended temperature range.
  • Overheating can lead to malfunctions and reduce the lifespan of components.

Keeping your GRP electrical cabinet clean is vital for preventing dust buildup and maintaining optimal functionality. Follow these cleaning tips:

Dust Removal:

  • Use a soft brush or compressed air to gently remove dust from internal components.
  • Pay special attention to cooling fans and vents (if you have them installed).

Moisture Control:

  • Check for any signs of moisture or condensation inside the cabinet.
  • Address any leaks promptly and consider using moisture-absorbing materials.
Even with regular maintenance, electrical cabinets may encounter issues. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Electrical Cabinet Overheating:
  • Ensure proper ventilation by clearing obstructions around vents.
  • Check the functionality of cooling fans and replace if necessary.

Electrical Connections Issues:
  • Tighten any loose connections.
  • Inspect for corrosion and clean contacts using appropriate solutions.

Power Supply Interruptions:
  • Verify the power source and connections.
  • Consider installing a surge protector to prevent voltage spikes.

By following these guidelines for routine maintenance and effective troubleshooting, you can ensure the reliability and longevity of your GRP electrical cabinet(s). Remember to perform regular inspections, address issues promptly, and document your maintenance activities for future reference.

Ways to Pay

We have a variety of ways in which you can pay, so check out some of the options listed below. As ever, if you have any queries please give us a call.

The easiest way to buy GRP electrical cabinets is through our online shop. Head on over to our shop to select your cabinet, enter your details into a secure payment portal and hey presto! It’s as easy as that.

Have you placed an order before? No problem, ask our team for a credit account application form, and if approved, your future orders will be placed on 30-day credit terms.

We also offer a finance option, spread over 3-5 years, for all businesses that wish to lease our products. To get a quote, please give us a call on 01386 555000.

If you’d prefer, you can pay by card over the phone. Simply give us a call on 01386 555 000 and a member of our team will be more than happy to process your order for you.

Have you got a large value order? No problem, our team are on hand to work out a stage payment plan for you. This is useful if your order has a longer lead time and larger value.

Applications of Electrical Cabinets Across Industries

Electrical cabinets play a crucial role in various industries, serving as a centralised hub for electrical components and ensuring the safety and functionality of electrical systems.

Let’s explore the diverse applications of electrical cabinets across key industries, including manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Safety Standards & Regulations

There are important factors of safety standards and regulations for designing, installing, and maintaining electrical cabinets.

Below is a checklist tailored to compliance with relevant industry standards, with a specific focus on guidelines provided by UK Power Networks:

General Compliance

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Where energy efficiency and sustainability are paramount, the role of electrical cabinets cannot be overstated. These cabinets, essential for power distribution, hold the key to optimising energy usage and reducing environmental impact. This section delves into the pivotal role of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) electrical cabinets in promoting a greener and more efficient energy landscape.

Materials Impact

GRP, being environmentally friendly and recyclable, embodies a sustainable choice. Compared to traditional materials, GRP cabinets leave a smaller environmental footprint, aligning with the global push for eco-conscious practices.

Impact on EVs

As more and more electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are on the road, new infrastructure for charging points are popping up all over the UK. GRP electrical cabinets play an important role in mounting the equipment and electrical infrastructure required. They're also made accessible to engineers conducting regular maintenance.


As we switch our energy infrastructure to a more sustainable model, power stations are requiring GRP Substation Enclosures more than ever. As we've identified the durability of the material helps withstand windy conditions, GRP enclosures are also often used to protect equipment with the various safety features they come built in with.

Frequently Asked Questions about GRP Electrical Cabinets

How long will it take for delivery from order?

If you place an order before 12pm on a weekday, we usually dispatch stock items on the same day, and it is put on a 48-72 hour palletised delivery service (excluding weekends). Charges Applicable.

The short answer is yes. We can provide you with a next day delivery service providing it is to a standard UK address and the order is placed before 12pm. Charges Applicable.

Yes, there is indeed.

18mm plywood backboards are fitted, as standard, on all our electrical cabinets.

Our standard ranges of GRP electrical cabinets are not officially certified by DNOs. But we can build to conform to DNO specifications and have done so in previous projects.

Can you install ventilation for my equipment?

Yes, we can.

We have a wide range of vents from Light Pressed Aluminium to Heavy Duty Louvre Vents.

Just tell us what you need.

Yes, we offer a bespoke service with short lead times too!

We can either install an encapsulated piece of plywood, which keeps in line with the specification, or we can install a bonded sealed floor depending on the size and weight of the equipment you intend to put inside.

All of our standard range features an internal 100mm flange with pre-cut holes. We recommend using a M10/12 square headed bolt for fixing.

GRP Cabinet & Enclosure Delivery Options

Pallet Delivery image.jpg

Standard Pallet Delivery

Pallet delivery is chargeable for standard 48-72 hour delivery to the majority of mainland UK.

Please ask regarding delivery charges to Ireland, Highlands & Islands.

Contact us today for more information, to get a quote or order one of our GRP electrical cabinets

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