The Worcester Range

The Worcester Range

Our most versatile range of GRP kiosks, available in many sizes.

Robust, secure and fully insulated, the GRP kiosks from our Worcester range are ideal for a host of different uses and occasions.

Whilst the standard models are superbly functional by themselves, several additional features, such as electrical installation, built-in counters and security shutters, are also available, ensuring your GRP kiosks can be personalised exactly according to your needs.

We also supply kiosks for use at entertainment venues where they are widely used for the sale of tickets, programmes and merchandise or as betting booths and information centres. With their flexible functionality and superior branding capabilities, the look and use of our kiosks are truly only limited by your imagination!

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Worcester Range Sizes & Prices

All the guide prices below include technical specifications and are excluding VAT. Any kiosk enhancements will be priced in a quotation.

Each Worcester Range kiosk includes 16amp electrical package with LED light, 2x double sockets, 4-way consumer unit, external commando socket inlet, wall mounted heater and a counter top.

1.5m x 1.5m GUA1515 Guardian Range GRP Kiosk line drawing

Model: WORC1111
1.10 x 1.10m

Hire from:
£30 per week
Buy from:
£4,140 + VAT

1.5m x 1.5m GUA1515 Guardian Range GRP Kiosk line drawing

Model: WORC1511
1.50 x 1.10m

Hire from:
£35 per week
Buy from:
£4,545 + VAT

guardian 150x210 line drawings 600x400 e1587639671203

Model: WORC1515
1.50 x 1.50m

Hire from:
£40 per week
Buy from:
£4,920 + VAT

guardian 150x250 line drawings

Model: WORC2515
2.50 x 1.50m

Hire from:
£45 per week
Buy from:
£6,915 + VAT

guardian 250x250 line drawings

Model: WORC2525
2.50 x 2.50m

Hire from:
£45 per week
Buy from:
£8,245 + VAT

guardian 390x250 line drawings

Model: WORC3925
3.90 x 2.50m

Hire from:
£65 per week
Buy from:
£10,565 + VAT

Technical Specifications

All of our technical specifications are included in our standard price for each size of a grp kiosk. Please select one of the features on the kiosk to find out more:

hotspot image guardian range 1350x878

Being applied on specially shaped steel
construction and single supporting galvanized profile parts.
The area, where the kiosk will be located must be flat.

External Walls
Manufactured from fiber glass reinforced polyester material with
double-walled polyurethane sandwich panel,
which is treated inside oven at 50 degrees. After screwing the specially
shaped modular panels together, anti bacterial neutral silicone is
added, which protects the kiosk against water, snow, dust, insects and
bacteria. In addition to that it gives the kiosk hygienic and long-lasting structure.
Being manufactured from fiber glass reinforced polyester
material as double-walled polyurethane sandwich panel.
After screwing the specially shaped modular
roof panels together with sealed bolts,
anti bacterial neutral silicone is added, which protects the
kiosk against water, snow, dust, insects
and bacteria. In addition to that, it gives
the kiosk a hygienic and long-lasting structure.
White colored uPVC door, with double
glazed window multipoint locking system.
White coloured uPVC double
glazed window. Frames are
produced in white.
4mm thick toughened glass
with CE certification.

Product Enhancements

Our grp kiosks are modular so can be designed to your requirements.
Listed below are details of a number of enhancements that can also be fitted to your grp kiosk.

Electrical Installation
4 way consumer unit
Our electrical package includes internal RCD board, external commando socket connector, power sockets and LED ceiling light. Available in 16, 32 or 63amp installations.Additionally, to the electrical package, we can also install data sockets, extra electrical sockets and TV points.
Wall Mounted Heater
wall mounted heater
As part of your electrical installation we can install a thermostatically controlled wall mounted heater ranging from 0.75Kw to 2.0Kw.
under window counter
Under window worktops can be fitted to depths ranging from 300 – 600mm depending on the size of the kiosk. Our standard counters are white and are fitted at a height of 900mm.
Lift Up Shutters
white lift up shutter
Aluminium lift-up window shutters with hydraulic arms. Internal bolts to secure. Creates canopy over window when open. An ideal solution for a security kiosk!
Roller Shutters
roller shutters
Aluminium slatted roller shutters to cover windows and door. Can be either electrically or manually operated.
Air Conditioning
air conditioning
Split wall air conditioning/heating units can be fitted to our kiosks as part of the electrical installation. The installation includes an external unit either mounted on the roof or side of the kiosk and an internal unit controlled by remote control.
Under Counter Drawers
under counter draw units
Built-in draw units offer useful storage. Our draws come with soft closing drawers with options of one – three draws.
black kiosk with vinyl graphics
Our design team will plan and design the graphics for your kiosk so its delivered fully complete. Graphics can be as simple as wording above windows to full vinyl wrapping of the kiosk.
Bespoke Paint
blue kiosk
Our kiosks are white RAL 9005 as standard. GRP kiosks can also be spray painted any colour on the RAL code chart. We use colour coded silicon around window and door frames.
Advertising Headers
advertising header in white
Advertising headers sit around the top of our GRP kiosks to create a 400mm flat surface ideal for signwriting and graphics.
Accessibility Ramps
accessibility ramp in stainless steel
Our accessibility ramps are made from steel checker-plate and conform with accessibility regulations. Handrails can also be fitted.
Slatwall Panelling
slat wall panelling
Slatwall panelling offers a number of display options inside your kiosk. Once installed you are able to hang universal fittings from shelving brackets to hooks.

Ways to Pay

We have a variety of ways in which you can pay, so check out some of the options listed below. As ever, if you have any queries please give us a call.

Credit Accounts

Have you placed an order before? No problem, ask our team for a credit account application form, and if approved, your future orders will be placed on 30-day credit terms.

Finance Options

We also offer a finance option, spread over 3-5 years, for all businesses that wish to lease our products. To get a quote, please give us a call on 01386 555000.

Over The Phone

If you’d prefer, you can pay by card over the phone. Simply give us a call on 01386 555 000 and a member of our team will be more than happy to process your order for you.

Staged Payments

Have you got a large value order? No problem, our team are on hand to work out a stage payment plan for you. This is useful if your order has a longer lead time and larger value.

Worcester Range Delivery Options

Check out the methods of delivery we have on offer. This can determine whether you have a forklift/telehandler available to offload.

standard delivery

Standard Delivery

Smaller kiosks are delivered via vehicle trailer, off-loaded and placed in the desired position. All kiosks are packaged with shrink wrap prior to dispatch.

flatbed delivery

Flatbed Delivery

Larger kiosks are delivered via flatbed lorry for off-loading via the client. Kiosks are shrink wrapped for protection during transportation.

hiab crane lorry

Hiab Crane Lorry

Larger kiosks can be delivered via Hiab lorry where there are no means to off-load the kiosk at the delivery address. Kiosks are shrink wrapped for protection during transportation.

guardian gua2525 gate house
guardian gua1515 gate house
guardian gua1111 gate house
guardian gua3925 gate house

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