Why hiring a portable kiosk in 2022 is a must

Our business has seen the market change and adapt in the past two years, and we think some of these changes are here to stay… you’ve probably noticed some recent updates to our website, and it’s all because of this!

We’ve been known to sell our infamous (and flexible) kiosks, cabins, and portable buildings but with increased demand throughout the pandemic (and beyond) for rental kiosks and cabins, we’ve changed the direction slightly (although we still sell kiosks and cabins, just ask us!).

What is a portable kiosk?

Portable kiosks are exactly what they sound like. They are non-permanent buildings that are multifunctional and have many uses.

Our kiosk ranges have been known for the ease of movement with all models designed to include fork slots for moving around on large sites. This is also how we move them around during deliveries, collections and when we are rearranging our warehouse.


guardian kiosk Fork Lifting 

What are the top uses for kiosks?

Kiosks have multiple uses, and it usually depends on the industry that are hiring them from us. Throughout COVID lockdowns, our kiosks were used as testing stations at airports. This was so the testing operative could hang out of the window and conduct a COVID test (safely) to the person in the car.

Some of the most popular uses have also been:

  • Car park security
  • Food and catering pods
  • Ticket offices
  • Check-in stations


Why hiring is a must

There are always pros and cons to hiring but, in our opinion, it is an absolute must for this year. We found during the lockdowns that businesses had less capital to invest in brand new kiosks, so we ramped up our stock and availability to get them ready for hire.

Hiring a kiosk means that you can have one on site within days, and it serves the function for however long you would need it for.

We include A LOT as standard including an electrical package, wall-mounted heater, worktop and a configuration of sliding and fixed windows – some of our ranges have doubled glazed glass which definitely helped during the colder months.

We have also created as much flexibility for our customers with just a 4-week minimum hiring period and the option to purchase still available, we are still able to provide our customers with a 5-star service and deliver a fit-for-purpose portable kiosk quickly.

How does hiring with UK Kiosks work?

Hiring with UK Kiosks is simple:

  1. Find the portable kiosk for you and your site
  2. Call or email our sales team to confirm availability
  3. We’ll send you this with an order confirmation for the first 4 weeks + delivery
  4. We’ll then deliver this to you within the timeframe agreed with our sales team
  5. We then send you a monthly bill until you decide to off hire
  6. We’ll then arrange a date and time to collect
  7. Come back when you need the next one and repeat!


Visit our Kiosks for Hire page to view the range on offer and fill out a quick enquiry.


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