Top 10 uses for GRP security cabins

I constantly talk about all of the reasons why our GRP security cabins are so flexible and modular, but it has occurred to me that I haven’t actually shown you what the top 10 uses would be ?

Well, you’re in for a treat because this week we’re going to explore the top 10 ways to use our GRP security cabins. This is based upon how our customers have used them in previous projects!

Our GRP cabins are most popular for hiring, either on a long-term or short-term basis. We have flexible pricing and options available for delivery. Don’t forget to get in touch about this.


Use #1 – Security gatehouse

Whether you utilise our Worcester Range or Cheltenham Range, you can certainly customise both of them to act as an on-site security gatehouse for your site. This could simply be the entrance to a business park or your office building.

Use #2 – Welfare facility

The perfect product for this use is our GRP welfare range, which is modelled on the basic shell of the Worcester Range. Not only do you get the flexibility of a small office space, but you can have a toilet and washing facilities installed. If you’re remote, then you can choose the chemical flush facility.

Use #3 – Office space

Going in for the larger type units, our Hastings Cabin range can certainly support you when it comes to modular office space. This could be for a project or as a semi-permanent fixture on your site.


small white kiosk with a double sliding window


Use #4 – Canteen

You have two options here for a canteen… Our food cube from the Worcester Range or you have the Hastings Cabin, which can be customised into an actual canteen space for your on-site workers.

Use #5 – Toilet facility

We talked about the welfare range earlier, but did you know that we have a selection of toilet blocks to choose from? This is derived from our Hastings Range, which can fit in full toilet and shower facilities.

Use #6 – Ticketing booth

Our smaller sizes in the Worcester Range have been used by many customers as ticket booths at various events around the UK. With sizes starting from 1.5m x 1.1m, you can customise the GRP cabin to include branding and advertising headers to make you stand out right from the gate of your event.


stacked site cabins in grey with external stairs


Use #7 – Catering pod

Our infamous food cube is the one for catering when you have a large site, with multiple staff and buildings. These beauties can be branded up and placed in convenient locations to serve you the food and beverages you deserve!

Use #8 – Testing facilities

During the struggles of 2020, we helped various medical and logistical customers with testing kiosks for COVID. These were placed in airports and large corporate buildings with many members of staff.

Use #9 – Beverage storage

A couple of years ago, we converted one of our Hastings Cabins into a beverage storage facility for a well-known wine brand. This was placed outside of a football stadium, which offered visitors to the match a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Use #10 – Car Park attendant

One of the first ever sales in UK Kiosks history was for a small Worcester range style cabin for a car park attendant, and it has paved the way ever since and is still a common use today!


hiab crane lorry


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