The top 5 benefits of Modular Buildings

Modular buildings (temporary structures, modular in size with the capability to add more together to create larger units), are finally getting the recognition they deserve! The UK has undoubtedly developed an appreciation for them, and so they should – Modular buildings come with a list of benefits so numerous, you’ll be half convinced to build a car park on every corner by the time you’ve finished reading!

These include (but are not limited to);-

  • Efficiency – they’re quick!
  • Off -site construction – they’re prepared!
  • Minimal impact to your business – they’re unobtrusive!
  • Eco friendly materials – they’re considerate!
  • Cost effective – they’re cheap!
  • Attractive design – they’re pretty!
  • Bespoke options and design – they’re unique!
  • Flexible uses – they’re adaptable!
  • High quality construction – they’re classy, darling!
  • Durable materials – they’re hardy!

In celebration of these mighty all-rounders,  we’ve decided to rank the top 5 benefits to Modular Buildings;

  1. Durable Materials

All else would mean nothing if the buildings themselves were not built to go the distance. The structure of these buildings are airtight, ensuring their energy efficiency. The internal walls are built using materials which not only improve sound insulation but are fire-proof too. Modular buildings are built to last (which if you ask us, is the main requirement we ask of our buildings!)

  1. Off-site Construction

We all know how inconvenient and arduous construction can be!

The good news is that building modular removes up to 80% of construction activity from the site location, ensuring efficiency with  absolute minimal disruption, no more morning migraines!

  1. Eco- friendly materials

It’s no secret that as we move towards the future, we’ll  have to adapt our building practices and modify our consumption if we’re going to protect our planet. Investing in Modular buildings really is investing in a sustainable building practice;  they use eco-friendly, often recycled building materials and building off site guarantees less waste throughout the process! As if that wasn’t good enough, UKK even hires them out! – finally, construction that doesn’t cost the earth!

  1. Cost Effective

I mean, this ones a no brainer!

With shorter construction times, inbuilt design services and flexible payment schemes available there’s no doubt that you’re getting more bang for your buck!

  1. Efficiency

On average Modular buildings are 30-50% quicker to complete than a traditionally constructed building. They are generally unaffected by weather changes and the indoor and outdoor construction can be erected simultaneously!

That’s definitely something to sing and dance about!

If you have any more questions, or if you passionately feel that flexible use or attractive design should’ve placed in our top 5, please feel free to contact us on 01386 555000.

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