Buying vs Hiring: Your guide from the team of portable modular building specialists

The question our customers face when looking for a portable modular building for their project or site is: do we hire, or do we buy?

This effective guide will explore the differences between hiring and buying a kiosk or cabin, and we will provide our know-how so that you can make the right decision for your business.


We’ll jump straight in!


Purchasing your portable cabin

You’re browsing through your brochure and you’ve spotted the right kiosk (or you’ve recently read our blog about the 5 steps to choosing the perfect portable cabin) and you’re adding in your extras and upgrades and thinking of purchasing.

A question pops into your head. ‘It’s a big investment, is it not?’

It’s an investment that could save you costs and headaches later down the line.

Long gone of those days where your on-site security is cold and standing out in the rain.

Your merchandise is getting wet and is ruined, which is practically pouring money down the drain.

Or your canteen is so overstretched that you’re losing custom.

FYI – You’re also able to customise your portable building to your branding style, like these ones:

Custom Kiosk 2

Custom Kiosk 1

Custom Kiosk 3

However, it is still an investment that you may struggle to make. That is why we have put together multiple payment options from bespoke payment terms to finance or leasing options. You can view our Worcester range page to see these.

But then another question pops into your head…


Hiring your portable kiosk

Could I hire this portable building?

The answer is yes!

The beauty of hiring is that you have a flexible kiosk or cabin that does what it needs to do, and for a specific length of time, and then you get to give it back at the end.

We have over five ranges of kiosks and booths and they’re all available to be hired.

Three of the ranges (Worcester, Cheltenham & Hastings) are made up in stock and can be delivered within a matter of days – yes, days!!

What comes with hiring is a minimum period in which you have it on your site for. So, if you’re looking short term (like a weekend) then hiring may not be the best option for you.

However, you do benefit from monthly, affordable invoicing which means your investment in a portable modular building is crushed down to something that is acceptable to your bosses! We all want to make them happy, am I right or am I right?

Rental Stock

Rental Stock 2

We hope that this guide has helped put things into perspective for you. After all, it is down to you and what your requirements are.

When you’ve made your decision or want to discuss it further with our sales team, give us a call or drop us an email.

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