Why buy your meter box cabinets from UK Kiosks?

Why buy your meter box cabinets from UK Kiosks?

We’re glad you asked;


At UK Kiosks, we’re proud of the adaptability and dedication we continue to show to this sector. Over the last couple of years, when faced with a global disaster of near biblical proportions (and anticipating that many organisations would experience loss of capital) we adjusted our business model, rolled our sleeves up and continued to provide countless schools, colleges and institutions with the vital equipment they require.

Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do – quality, reliability and innovation are a few of the many qualities the UK Kiosks team are famous for. From design to manufacture, our experts collaborate with you, to understand your aims and requirements. We aim to supply you with the perfect prompt solution, that won’t break your bank!

Range Diversity and Quality of Product

The UK Kiosks’ Single Door & Double Door GRP Electrical Cabinets are handmade (so you know they’re the highest quality possible). They feature stainless-steel hinges, secure lockable doors, IP55 dust and water protection and a UV stabilised gel coat finish, what more could you want from a meter box cabinet? (no, seriously, if there’s anything we haven’t thought of yet feel free to get in touch and let us know).  There are currently 38 models available – but check back with us next week and they’ll likely be more! All models are available in British Racing Green and Moss Green, the perfect balance between outstanding quality and unbeatable value for money.

Next day Delivery

Our standard sizes are available from stock for immediate delivery within 48-72 hours or upgraded to next-day delivery, need we say more?

Those are only a few reasons, just off the top of our heads, why we believe that UK Kiosks is the only option to go to for all your meter box cabinet needs! For more information, or to make an enquiry feel free to get in touch via email or call us on 01386 555000

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