The Label Creation Station

We recently visited our manufacturing client, after they had their label creation station installed on their factory floor, and we were lucky to see the 3.90m x 2.10m Worcester Range GRP Kiosk in action.

The Problem

The noise of the large machinery on the shop floor was becoming difficult for production operatives to process labels for the products. They were having to stand whilst working on the computer wearing noise-canceling headphones for entire shifts. The management team soon realised that this couldn’t proceed and needed to find the right solution.


sebastian herrmann jzTQVxCyKYs unsplash

The Solution

After some good ol’ fashioned Google searching, they made #firstcontact with our Sales Manager, Jess Patterson. She was then able to guide our client through our extensive product ranges to find the perfect match, which practically solved their problem and was in line with their budget.

star trek first contact vulcans humans

Low and behold, Jess presented them with a 3.90m x 2.10m Discontinued (but still in good nick) Worcester Range GRP Kiosk. This cabin came complete with two double sliding windows, a half-glazed door, internal electrics with data points and work counters. Our client knew this was the one and have even added in their own upgrades such as an accessibility ramp, Perspex screens for COVID security and safety signs.

IMG 2386

How we can help you

With a variety of kiosks, cabins, and gatehouses available from stock, we can offer a customised solution for purchase and hire. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can find a solution to your bug bearing problem.

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