GRP in Construction

What is GRP?

GRP is an acronym for Glass Reinforced Plastic – it is also commonly referred to as fibreglass. The material is strong and extremely versatile which means that the properties it has can be adapted to a variety of industries.

GRP is made from small strands of glass fibres, which are woven together to create a flexible fabric. This can then lead to products being moulded with the support of other materials such as timber, gel coat and resins. An example of this is our range of Electrical Cabinets, which has a core material of GRP that is encapsulated (by hand) onto timber with resin and then gel coat.

green grp enclosure on a pallet with doors closed

Some properties of GRP include:

  • Thermal insulation
  • High in strength
  • It does not melt but it can burn
  • Chemical & corrosion resistant
  • Is good for closed off electrical spaces
  • Easy to shape and modify

How is it used in Construction?

GRP materials can be used for a variety of construction reinforcement purposes such as fixed/portable work platforms, bridges, gutters, meter boxes, glazing systems. With the resistance to corrosion, chemicals and weather this material is sustainable and cost-effective for businesses.

corner of fibreglass shards

How we can help you

With a variety of kiosks, cabins and gatehouses available from stock, we can offer a customised solution for purchase and hire. Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can find a solution to your bug bearing problem.

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