5 steps to choosing the perfect portable cabin

We like to think that we are a helpful bunch so, that is why we have come up with five really easy steps for choosing the perfect portable cabin for your next project.

Look, we get it… you’ve been asked by the boss to source a portable cabin for your long-term client project (congrats by winning that one by the way).

Trolling through website after website can be monotonous, so why not come to our ‘helpful hub of info’ (aka our blog) which breaks it all down for you.

Nice and easy, ay?

10.08.2021 Five Steps to Choosing the Best Portable Cabin

Step numero uno – Check you have the right foundations and dimensions

Before you consider getting in touch, think about where your new portable cabin will be located.

Are you going to have to put in a concrete foundation or clear away something that is already in place?

Well, when you have figured that out, you’ll need to know the maximum sizes (width x depth x height (not in every case)) your space can take.

Then, you will need to work out if you have need mains electrics and water configured into your portable cabin. If so, how easy will this be to install or reroute. We do have chemical options and can recommend great hire companies for generators by the way.


Step numero dos – Browse our range online to see which cabin suits your site requirements

Now, once you have figured all of that out it’s time to find your perfect portable cabin.

Browse our extensive range of cabin types and sizes. You’ll be able to weigh up which material is better for your project and what our other customers have previously used them for. Really good for inspiration – our gallery is a great place to browse.

To save you a bit of time, we have listed all the types of cabins we do and linked each page to make it that tad faster for you.

The Worcester Range

guardian gua1111 gate house

The Cheltenham Range

panelcabin pc1313 gate house4

The Hastings Cabin Range

stacked site cabins in grey with external stairs

Step numero tres – Add in your extras and upgrades

You will find, once you have chosen the perfect cabin, that each of our amazing ranges has an additional upgrade section.

Many of our customers use the cabins as they are but some like to spice it up a bit.

Some add in electrics with a consumer unit, light and sockets for power and some add in toilet and hand washing facilities if the cabin goes into a remote location.

Back in May, we wrote a social media post about the ‘3 kiosk extras you need’:

  • Plug & Play Electrical Package – Lights, sockets and switches that all terminate into a consumer unit and connected up to mains power, easy!
  • Branded Paint & Graphics – Make your brand stand out, with expert designers in house you’ll certainly look the part.
  • Advertising Header – Let your customers know who and where you are with our aluminium headers.


Step number cuatro – Choose your delivery option

Depending on the cabin and your site, we have lots of different delivery options, but we will talk you through it.

We find that this little flow chart helps:


Q: Do you have a forklift or telehandler on-site?

If yes, we can deliver via van with a tilt-trailer, and you can use your equipment to offload

If no, then you will probably require a HIAB crane lorry to support offloading


Bearing in mind that if a HIAB crane lorry is required, it will need sufficient space to park and operate in a wide enough space. Refer to step one as it’s always good to know this before you enquire.


Step numero cinco – Get in touch to place your order with our sales team

You’re ready! Yes, really!

Now we’ve gone through each of these steps, and you’ve made a note of them all, it’s time to pick up the phone, start a live chat or email our friendly sales team to get the ball rolling with your enquiry.

Once we have all of this information from you, we’ll put together an easy-to-read quote and provide you with specs, plans and pictures to make sure that you have chosen the perfect portable cabin.

Call or email us today!

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