What is the purpose of an electrical enclosure?

What is the purpose of an electrical enclosure?

Electrical enclosures can be known by many names, such as GRP cabinets and walk-in enclosures.

These boxes can often be seen in town centres and along roadsides, where there are a lot of buildings, utilities or industrial working environments present that require electrical power, put in place to protect people from electric shocks.



What sort of industries require enclosures?

Enclosures are used in a range of industries, including:

  • Construction & Infrastructure.
  • Housing developments.
  • EV Charging points.
  •  Manufacturing
  • Utility buildings
  • Various plants (including chemical and manufacturing)
  • Mining or oil and gas facilities.

They’re not only used on-site though and are most commonly used on streets for telephone cabinets, distribution boards and other operations controls, such as circuit breakers, control panels, switches and pressured systems.

We offer a range of different cabinets for each type of need, including meter box cabinets, data cabinets, power terminal cabinets and walk-in enclosures, finished in British Racing Green. Our meter box cabinets are designed to be weather-resistant, fire-retardant, and compliant with British and ESI Standards. Each model varies slightly in size to suit the different internal needs.

If you require an electrical cabinet, get in touch with our sales team who will be able to help you find the exact model to fit your needs. You can contact us on 01386 555000, email sales@ukkiosks.com or use our contact form via the button below.

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