How to customise a mobile cabin to meet your business needs

When people think of a portable cabin, they often picture a white building with a small window and little features to catch their eye. If your business cares about branding, then why should you settle for this?

With so many different ranges and personalisation now, it’s essential to customise a mobile cabin to help your company stand out and differentiate from your competitors. Besides, if you include customisation on the cabin exterior, then you’ve provided yourself with another source of advertising that isn’t for a monthly fee!

Keep reading for a few of the benefits when you customise a mobile cabin.

It helps your brand to stay consistent.

Is your brand famous for its pink packaging? Why not make your portable cabin pink too?!

Usually, a cabin or kiosk will be one of the first things your clients or customers will see when visiting your site, whether that is as a security kiosk, gated entry, or even as a pop-up stall at a different venue. As this provides them with a first impression of who you are, it’s essential that this should be a clear representation of your company and the brand you want to put across.

You can easily communicate your brand message.

If you use your cabin at your entry point to the site or near a connecting road, then this is a perfect place for you to include your company’s name, tagline, and contact details so that any passers-by can learn more about what you do and how to reach you.

Using your cabin as advertising can be much more effective than a billboard too, as the cabin will be in a location associated with you and only requires a one-time cost.

It can be personalised to suit your needs.

Your personal requirements for a cabin may differ greatly from the next business, which is why our cabins and kiosks are able to be flexible with the fittings they can include. For instance, if you need a portable cabin to act as a security kiosk, you may wish to include plumbing so that a security guard can comfortably stay on-site for hours.

So what customisation options are available?

  • Electrical installation
  • Wall mounted Heater
  • Counters
  • Roller Shutters
  • Air Conditioning
  • External Lighting
  • Bespoke Paint
  • Advertising Headers
  • Under Counter Draw Units
  • Graphics

Visit our mobile cabins page to find out more about each individual option, or get in touch with the team to discuss your needs.

You can view below a few of our previous customised cabin examples or visit our gallery page for more.

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