Technical Specification of Kiosks

Exterior & Interior Construction of UK Kiosks modular kiosks


Walls & Roof panels

All walls and roof panels are constructed of sandwiched (CTP) fiberglass reinforced polyester panels. The sandwiched panels are injected with a 3.5cm layer of Polyurethane foam (density 40) for added strength and durability and to insulate the units against extreme temperatures and sound. The panels are also treated with an antibacterial silicon coating which further enhances its waterproof properties.


The kiosks’ exterior components are coated with gel-coat pigment mixed with refractive paint which allows protection from potential damage caused by direct sunlight exposure and makes each unit easy to clean.

Interior & Exterior Surfaces

Both internal and external surfaces of the units are resistant to atmospheric conditions and are anti-corrosive, washable and rust proof.


Each window consists of 4mm tempered glass mounted in an aluminium frame and coated with white electrostatic paint.


The secure doors used for all kiosks consist of aluminium-coated frames with white electrostatic paint and are fitted with 4mm tempered glass windows. Each individual door consists of three hinges and is equipped with an ITO locking system.


Each kiosk is fitted with an easy to clean, non-slip, vinyl floor covering.

Floor Frame

The metal frame of the floor of each unit composes of a 1.5mm dense iron profile, coated with anti-corrosive paint and topped with a 16mm layer of cement chipboard painted.


The foam-filled polycarbonate panels are resistant to temperatures up to +60° and down to as low as -45°, which enables the kiosks to be utilised in all climate and weather conditions.


All kiosks come in a standard white long-lasting finish which is resilient and easy to clean.


For ease of movement, all kiosks are mounted on steel pallet bases and can be relocated effortlessly with a forklift or pallet truck, subject to size.


 Diagram illustrating the technical specification of a kiosk