Security Huts, Kiosks, Cabins and Booths

Range of flexible, multi-purpose kiosks, suitable as security huts, temporary police stations, emergency shelters, incident rooms and protected storage facilities.

If you’re searching for something that’s practical, secure, functional, well designed and, good value, then a kiosk from the UK Kiosks range could be exactly what you need.

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We supply cost-effective, multi-purpose portable buildings to the sports, retail, construction, catering and event industries. From security huts for Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and MandM Direct's car parks and distribution centres to Ben & Jerry's, Mackie's of Scotland and Baskin Robbins' catering kiosks - a UK Kiosks' portable building is as versatile as our clients' needs.   

Call us to discuss your security requirements, we will be happy to take your call. Alternatively, all our security huts, kiosks, cabins and booths are available to order online. View our range and prices here to select the right one for you.



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