GRP Kiosks and Cabins

grp kiosks and cabins

Why Choose a GRP Kiosk or Cabin?

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Kiosks and Cabins offer secure, adaptable and multipurpose accommodation solutions at an affordable cost.

From Premier League football clubs and well-known brands to many events, businesses and start-ups, our GRP kiosks are being utilised up and down the country. Perfect as security huts, site offices, catering units, pop-up shops, car park cabins, programme kiosks and more...  

If you’re looking for something that’s functional, well made, good value and, most importantly, secure and robust, then a GRP kiosk could be just what you’re looking for!

Sizes & Prices

UK Kiosks in a nutshell:

  • Affordable, flexible and versatile GRP kiosks in a huge range of sizes
  • Secure and robust portable buildings suitable for any location
  • Completely hassle free online ordering facility
  • Super-fast delivery times
  • A painting, graphic design and livery service to add a little 'wow' factor to your building
  • Portability and Mobility. All our GRP kiosks and cabins are mounted on steel pallet bases for effortless relocation with a forklift or pallet truck 
  • A straightforward transportation service and reasonable delivery costs
  • GRP kiosks and cabins which are, by nature, weather resilient, easy to clean and designed to provide years of virtually maintenance-free service
  • A delivery service to even the most remote or exposed areas
  • Best-selling GRP kiosk packages available to purchase with just one-click
  • Testimonials - see what our customers say

All our kiosks are available to order online. View our entire range and price list to select the right one for you.

Need to talk to us? No problem! Give us a bell on +44 (0)1386 555044 or contact us by email.

grp kiosks and cabins