What are Welfare Units?

A range of well-equipped, hygienic sanitary facilities for the building and construction industry

At UK Kiosks we understand that when it comes to portable sanitary facilities, combining cleanliness, hygiene and easy maintenance are top of everyone’s list. That’s why we offer an impressive range of first-rate portable welfare units with quality and sanitation at the forefront of their design.

Available in a range of sizes and layouts, and manufactured to a high-quality specification, our welfare range are purpose-built for any remote location, including those sites without electricity or water.

UK Kiosks’ welfare range are completely self-contained and fulfil the welfare needs of employees, staff, guests and visitors at all times. Each unit includes a hand wash basin, is fabulously easy to clean and built to the high spec expected from the UK Kiosks brand. With single and double welfare units on offer, as well as units with offices incorporated alongside the toilet facilities, a UK Kiosks welfare unit is the ideal solution for any location.

Our Welfare Units

line drawing of a white welfare unit showing a window and a WC door

GRP Welfare Range

Sizes from:
2.50 x 1.50m

View GRP Welfare Range

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