StoreFront and Growing Security

Growing Security’ – The challenge for all future sporting events!

‘Staying Ahead of the Game’

As we are all well aware sport unfortunately is no stranger to the threat from terrorism. High-profile sporting events, including the Olympics, football tournaments and cricket matches, have been targeted, with varying degrees of impact and success since the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. A number of incidents have been prevented at high-profile sporting events in recent years due to successful counter-terrorism operations.

Alongside the heightened threat terrorism brings is the general safety and security of fans and associates. Within the UK there is one aspect of the English game that continues to set the standard and makes us the envy of the international football community. Irrespective of league position, stadium size or attendance; the way in which the grounds of our football clubs are operated ensures that crowd safety, accessibility and enjoyment are world class as standard. So whilst all eyes might be fixed on the team on the pitch, it’s the effort and the vigilance of the team off the pitch that ensures that football supporters across the country can enjoy the game in security and comfort. (FA 2017)

During the current football season 17/18 we have seen many clubs enhancing their searches of home and away supporters at the turnstiles, the result searches will take longer and subsequently we see extended waiting and cueing times in entering the stadiums facilities. Most top league clubs have also undertaken a strict policy as to the type of item that can be taken into the stadium and a firm restriction on the size of item allowed. For example, laptop and laptop bags, suitcase trolleys and even children’s buggies. All ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the supporter is of paramount importance.

One of the most popular solutions club facilities and venues of all levels have adopted to ensure supporter safety is a top priority, is to offer an accessible ‘Drop Bag’ facility which in most cases is situated slightly away from the venue. Giving supporters alike a safe secure place if necessary to leave unsuitable larger items such as luggage/buggies/crash helmets and laptops, enhancing the fans experience of the event and furthermore assisting in ensuring security is visible as a ‘top priority’ endorsing a safe and secure environment both inside and outside of the sporting venue.

On top of helping enhance safety and security, the ‘drop bag’ facility assists in reducing waiting times at the turnstiles, allowing enhanced search procedures. Reducing congestion in popular entry points around the stadium and the training and appropriate deployment of trained staff. 

Store Front offers a multitude of bespoke pop up portable building opportunities. Our values are created through assisting stadiums and clubs of all levels to reach their highest potential in ensuring their fans are at the forefront, and have access to an ultimate safe, secure and enjoyable environment through our bespoke pop up portable solutions we offer.

With the combination of our talents, a skilled and experienced team with more than three decades within the sports, events and building industries, makes us a natural leader in the pop-up world. We set our sights high, with strategic planning, meticulous drawings, and high-quality build, on every unit that we manufacture. The opportunities are extensive: from merchandise shops, retail stores, bars and catering units, to security, ticketing and programme kiosks.

Our aim is simply to rise above the norm and exceed expectations.

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