How School Catering Kiosks Can Benefit Your School

At UK Kiosks we specialise in supplying easy-to-install portable GRP buildings to a host of different industries. From security cabins and guard huts, as seen at many events and businesses, to retail and catering units, used by both well-known brands and start-up companies, our kiosks are delivered to locations up and down the country.

The clientele we're less well known for is the education sector, in particular schools. This is an area in which we are rapidly growing and it's easy to understand why. Secure, versatile and available in different sizes, our school catering kiosks can be constructed as serveries or walk-in shops, giving schools the flexibility to enhance their catering operation according to their needs. There are great advantages to be had for schools expanding their catering facilities - here is a list, by no means exhaustive, of the many benefits:

Reduce queuing times - adding an additional catering unit can significantly reduce queues at key times. Pupils are able to buy their food and snacks more quickly and easily, giving them added time to enjoy their lunch and break periods.

Relieve pressure on existing dining facilities - school dining halls are invariably busy, noisy and overcrowded. By spreading catering outlets around the school grounds, pupils queue for less time and the 'crush' in dining areas is avoided.

Reinforce the school's brand - a fully branded catering outlet is a highly attractive addition to any school playground. A real talking point for pupils!

Expand the range of food on offer - increased catering space enables schools to sell a wider variety of food and snacks, thereby appealing to a larger number of pupils.

Attract more pupils to use the school's catering facilities - when an eye-catching catering outlet is strategically placed in a central school location, it will no doubt appeal to the curiosity of pupils. By ensuring there's a wide selection of food on offer, it will attract even the most hesitant of pupils.

Encourage more pupils to stay on site - a tempting and nutritious menu, which is offered in a quick and convenient way, will make it more likely for pupils to stay on site.

Avoid missed lunches - pupils with busy schedules and extra curricular activities such as sports training sessions or music lessons, are often pushed for time. Unable to wait in line to be served, missed lunches can be a regular occurrence. Additional catering outlets can help alleviate this problem.

Encourage pupils to get involved - the involvement and input of pupils is a key consideration for the success of any new project. Pupils can be consulted regarding the menu for the catering kiosk, gain valuable experience by being offered the chance to serve in the kiosk, get involved in the branding of the unit or be given control of the unit during charity or fun day cake sales.

Boost revenue - with a broader selection of food and snacks, additional outlets and more students using the school's service, it is easy to see how using a school catering kiosk will result in increased revenue.

Convenience for staff - less stress, enhanced working conditions and additional prepping areas for catering staff; more convenience and improved supervision of pupils for teaching staff and a better service all-round is just some of the feedback we have received.

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