Security Booths

Threats of terrorism in the UK are real and constant vigilance is required. Security measures in industry are not only focused on shoplifting or threats of individual violence, security specialists and their employees are also on alert for large scale natural disasters, terrorist attacks and hooligan outbreaks, many of which unfortunate events have become so common in recent times. Maintaining security and keeping customers, event visitors etc safe, play a vital role in addressing the requirements of health and safety laws.

Our security booths are a valuable viable asset, providing a visible and effective security presence to help prevent any security problems and deal swiftly with all incidents that may occur. Specifically designed to your requirement as security buildings/guard huts, police huts and control units, providing assured standards of safety for visitors and staff.

Ideal to use both inside and outside, in town centres, shopping malls, retail parks, event locations and any other relevant area/event to assist in both the implementation of security plans and the management of risks. Whether you wish to hire or buy security huts for your security needs we’re able to assist you and ensure it’ll be fit for purpose.

For more information on rental or purchase options please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist sales team at UK Kiosks on tel: 01386 555 000 or email: