Guardian Guard Hut WC

Our combined guard hut WC gives you the best of both worlds. A partition divides the kiosk to create two areas with separate exterior doors accessing each section. One section gives you a one man guard hut with sliding window whilst the other section provides toilet facilities with wash hand basin. The toilet can either by be chemical or a flush toilet depending on services available.

Size 2.5 x 1.5m

Prices starting from:

£5,245 + VAT

Summit Welfare Units

Our Summit range of metal frame kiosks come in two style of welfare units – single toilet and double toilet units. These robust metal kiosks are ideal for construction sites and events and can be fitted with chemical or flush WC’s. All welfare units come with wash hand basins.

Sizes 1.45 x 1.45m & 2.7 x 1.45m

Prices starting from:

£2,995 + VAT