Welcome to our frequently asked questions page! Here you’ll find the common answers to those all-important questions… Remember, if you still have more questions, please feel free to get in touch.

GRP Electrical Cabinets & Enclosures

1. How long will it take for delivery from order?

If you place an order before 2pm on a weekday, we usually dispatch stock items on the same day and it is put on a 48-hour palletised delivery service.

2. I need one fast! Do you offer a next day delivery service?

The short answer is yes. We can provide you with a next day delivery service providing it is to a standard UK address and the order is placed before 12 pm.

3. Is there a mounting board/plywood backboard that comes as standard?

Yes, there is indeed. 18mm plywood backboards are fitted, as standard, on all our nineteen different sized cabinets and enclosures

4. The size I need is not here, do you offer a bespoke building service?

Yes, we offer a bespoke service which includes a remote project manager too. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you!

5. I need a floor as I am mounting my cabinet/enclosure to a wall. What are my options?

We can either install an encapsulated piece of plywood, which keeps in line with the specification, or we can install a bunded sealed floor depending on the size and weight of the equipment you intend to put inside.


GRP Kiosks & Booths

Includes: The Worcester Range, The Promo Range, Food Cubes and Welfare Units

  • How do you fix these kiosks down?

It’s a pretty simple process, once you’ve unwrapped and inspected your kiosk, you will have already laid down a concrete base. So, we recommend using m10/12 square-headed bolts to fix through the pre-cut holes in the fork slots. We’ve produced a short video about this in the related section below – check it out!

  • What do I get as standard?

The price advertised on the website is for the kiosk itself, including the windows and doors. Any enhancements, such as electrical packages, heaters etc. are priced separately.

  • How quickly can I get one?

Depending on our stock at the time, we advise 7-10 working days lead time on the smaller models and a 10-14 working days lead time on the larger models. If you choose to upgrade your kiosk with enhancements, this may change so it is worth checking in with us before placing your order.

  • Can I change the way my kiosk looks?

In short, yes you can, The Worcester range is modular so you can adjust the location of the windows and doors when we send your plans for approval.

  • What delivery options are there to consider?

This depends on your site and circumstances; the majority of this range can be delivered on our trailer (towed by our van). If you have a forklift on site, this is recommended to use to offload and position your kiosk. If you have a larger model and have no means to offload, then we can provide the option of a hiab crane lorry delivery.

  • Do we need to install them on-site?

Not necessarily, our kiosks usually come ready assembled and wrapped up for their protection. However, if you have a particular location, that you’d like to position your kiosk and it is not an ideal space for a ready assembled model, then we can arrange a team to visit the site and install your kiosk from panels.

  • What do I need to prepare if I have electrics and/or water?

If you’re having an electrical package fitted, we ensure there is an input commando socket available for you to either use mains electrics or a generator. The same applies to water, if you have items such as toilets, sinks and kitchens, we ensure the kiosk is plumbed in ready to use. All we ask is if you could prepare the mains water line and waste output locations.

The Cheltenham Range

  • Can I hire this range?

Yes, you can. We have four sizes to choose from and deliver quickly. We even include our electrical package, wall mounted heater and worktop as standard on rental kiosks.

  • Do you keep them in stock?

Yes, we keep this range assembled and in stock, but please check with our team to ensure we have sufficient supply for your enquiry.

  • Can I change the windows and doors around, like The Worcester Range?

Unfortunately, not no. The Cheltenham range isn’t adaptable in terms of the windows and door configuration, as we glue them into the panels and frame. However, they are designed to work in a variety of sectors, so get in touch if you’d like a set of plans to view.

  • Can you install security shutters or canopies?

This is not possible on this range as the panels and frame are not suitable to take the additional weight from external materials such as shutters and canopies.

The Blenheim Range

  • What is this range made from?

The Blenheim range is a premium design made from concrete reinforced polyester material. It is very heavy and can only be moved via a hiab crane lorry.

  • How much do they cost?

Prices for this range start from £8,880 plus VAT plus any enhancements and delivery.

  • Do you have standard sizes, can you do bespoke sizes?

We only have two standard sizes in the range, and they are 1.50m x 1.50m and 2.70m x 1.50m, we do not manufacture bespoke designs for this product.

  • How long will this take to be made and delivered?

We make these kiosks to order, depending on the demand at the time, we advise a lead time of approximately 10-12 weeks from order submission and drawing approval.