Fighting Crime with Surveillance and Security Booths

security booths and cctv cameras

It is now increasingly common for businesses to install CCTV as a way to deter and fight crime. With benefits including additional deterrent, a safer working environment, reduced retail theft and increased detection, the tangible benefits are clear. If you’re in the process of updating your security system, it’s definitely worth considering investing in CCTV. You can easily use it as a standalone security system or, for added effectiveness, combine it with manned security booths monitoring the cameras 24/7. Here are a few tips to help you with the installation process:

  • Opt for HD video surveillance if your budget allows for it. The quality of the recordings will help you to identify criminals and clearly see any illegal activities.
  • Decide how many cameras you require and the location of the cameras. Pick up entry and exit points and focus on areas where high value items are stored.
  • Security booths are ideal if you want the cameras to be monitored around the clock or during closing hours. They can be fitted with electricity, heating, together with a whole host of  and are an ideal base for security guards.
  • Review the videos each day to look for any suspicious behaviour and criminal activity, especially during periods where security staff are unable to monitor the videos live.
  • And lastly, don’t leave the wiring exposed - make sure it’s hidden securely and can't be hampered with.
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