How to Use Secure Kiosks at Events and Other Venues

For event organisers, it is vital to provide assured standards of safety for visitors during an event and to keep cash and valuables in securely protected locations. No one can plan for every contingency, but a careful analysis of the event will help determine how much security is needed and where. UK Kiosks’ range of secure kiosks are designed to help provide a high-level of security at events. Here are a few ways in which the implementation of secure kiosks can benefit an overall event safety plan.

Secure Kiosks can:

1. Provide Cover for On-site Security Guards

Security guards and supervisors are often necessary for large scale events. Small, medium or large secure kiosks can be delivered to any site and are often used as a base for security personnel, police control officers or on-site emergency teams. Kiosks can easily be transported on a pallet truck to any location, whether it be the middle of a field, a stadium, a warehouse or any other venue. Security teams are able to use the kiosk as a control centre, an office to complete paperwork or to house individuals while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

2. Be Used as Safe Cash and Valuables Lock-Ups

Where money is being handled, tickets are being collected or the need arises for valuables to be stored, secure kiosks are ideal. As safe, secure and lockable buildings, our kiosks are available in a range of sizes and can be individually designed and fitted with safety drawers, cash registers, counter tops and safes to take care of every event’s secure storage or ticket office needs.

3. Reduce the Risks

Many events have items that are hazardous which can be dangerous when they fall into the wrong hands. It is, therefore, essential that these items are secured in a suitable location and locked away to ensure no unauthorised individuals can gain access to them.

Medium and large secure kiosks are ideal for locking away hazardous items such as fireworks, chemicals or heavy-duty cleaning materials. They can be securely locked away and can be hidden from prying eyes with lockable roll down shutters for additional security.

The variety of secure kiosks available in the extensive UK Kiosks range means you can order an event kiosk for every conceivable event application. We'll listen to your requirements and recommend the kiosks that will best fulfil your needs. Take a look at our competitive price list, call us today on 01905 613850 or contact us by email and let our event specialist team take care of everything for you.

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