Increase Festive Sales with these Retail Kiosk Tips

Christmas Tips for Retailers

There are lots of tips that are handed out at this time of year, aimed at helping retailers and traders increase the sale of their festive goods. The last thing any retailer wants, regardless of the size or the age of the business, is to end up with left over stock that will reduce in value and be marked down. Reduced goods eat into profit margins and take up valuable inventory space. We have a few Christmas tips for retailers to help achieve the best sales and support the sell out of seasonal goods using retail kiosks.

christmas tips for retailers

5 Tips for Festive Retail Kiosks

  1. Our retail kiosks are perfect to use for seasonal sales, whether you’re pushing Christmas goods, gifts for Valentines or summer fashions. Positioning a well-branded kiosk outside your store helps to grab the interest of busy shoppers and inspire impulse buys.
  2. Put your excess stock on display within the kiosk to help push slow selling goods to the consumers. Give them a special deal or offer an extra service such as gift wrapping or customisation.
  3. Do your market research and discover where your potential buyers are. Contact the local council of the area and ask about hiring a suitable pitch. Our retail kiosks can be delivered to any location!
  4. Our retail kiosks can be customised with livery or paints to complement your branding. Consider using seasonal inspired graphics to attract the buyers and don’t forget to include QR codes to your social networks.
  5. Offer instant discounts to customers that sign up to your mailing list or follow you on social networks. Create handy flyers and make it easy for shoppers to sign up using their smart phones.

Use kiosks to get your products right in front of the shoppers this Christmas and reduce the risks of marking down seasonal products after the seasonal festivities.

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