Refreshments Kiosks: Added Revenue for Event Planners

Refreshment kiosks

Refreshments kiosksOne way to recuperate some of the costs involved in public event planning is by selling refreshments. Outdoor events can be very profitable, whether you’re raising money for a non-profit organisation or for your own business. Refreshment kiosks not only provide an additional income, they also keep guests happy and ensure everyone has access to food and drink for the duration of the event.

Planning the use of refreshment kiosks

If you’re using refreshment kiosks at an event, planning is an essential part of the process. You will need to contact your local council and tell them about your plans. It is always best to involve the council at the earliest possible opportunity. Requirements they will expect you to meet can include a trading license, health and safety compliance and insurance. The requirements will be dependent on many different factors, so you should always check with your local council before cementing your plans.

Refreshment kiosks
can be positioned in any location and are easily transportable. They come with many optional extras such as lighting and electrical kits so you’ll be able to work safely as the night draws in and run any electrical equipment safely and efficiently. The design of the kiosk can also be tailored to your requirements, providing suitable openings for service, counter space and more. Remember to think about litter at the refreshment kiosk. Provide litter bins and consider asking volunteers and helpers to stay on top of the littering.

Ask about our refreshment kiosks

refreshments kiosksRefreshment kiosks can be used to sell ready made food and drink, or can be modified to include a range of catering and bar equipment. Why not discuss your ideas with us here at UK Kiosks and we’ll be happy to talk you through the various refreshment kiosks we have in our range. As experts in this field, we can assist with planning, installation and design and help you find a refreshment kiosk that will best suit your operation. Call us on 01905 613850 and we will be happy to help.







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