Security Guard Huts - Staying Alert on the Night Shift

Security Guard Huts – tips for Security Guards

security guard hutsWorking the night shift isn’t easy. It puts huge demands on the body, both physically and mentally. Security guards working the night shift in security guard huts need to pay close attention to their sleeping patterns. The body clock finds it difficult to adjust to sleeping during daylight and those working shifts get far fewer hours of shut-eye a week than their day-working colleagues. With valuable assets and equipment at stake, it is important that security guards are in tip top condition.

How to stay awake in security guard huts:

  • Set a sleeping routine – Establish a sleeping pattern and stick to it. If you get enough sleep before the shift, you’ll find it much easier to stay awake through the night. A lie-in followed by an afternoon nap on the day is probably the most suitable way to ease into a new sleep pattern.
  • Eating before the shift – Avoid fatty, spicy and heavy meals as these are more difficult to digest. They can make you feel drowsy when you need to be alert. They may also disturb sleep when you need to rest.
  • Snacking during the shift - Fuel your body with healthy snacks. Avoid sugary foods, such as chocolate and sweets as they only provide a short-term energy boost and can be quickly followed by a dip in energy levels. ‘Slow release’ foods such as dried fruit and nuts are a great option.
  • Stay hydrated – Try not to consume too much caffeine. Coffee and energy drinks will give you a boost but it’s only temporary and it can affect your performance during the night. Stick to drinking plenty of water, together with some fruit juices, during your shift to keep you energised and to avoid dehydration.
  • Light - Keep security guard huts brightly lit to promote alertness. A dimly lit environment can make you feel drowsy and limit your attentiveness.
  • Exercise – If you’re feeling tired and sluggish get up and do some form of exercise. It could be a brisk walk around the perimeter, some jumping jacks or jogging on the spot.
  • Stimulate the brain– Stay busy and get some paper work done or do a crossword puzzle. Keeping your brain active will help you to avoid boredom and stop eyelids from dropping. Avoid sitting around doing nothing, activity keeps you alert.

The ins and outs of security guard huts

Security guard huts from UK Kiosks offer security guards a safe and comfortable environment from which to carry out their site monitoring and patrolling duties. Available in many different sizes and configurations, each hut can be equipped to meet every conceivable security application, from small security guard huts to luxury secure cabins. Just call us today and let our security guard huts specialists recommend a building that will best fulfill your needs.  

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