Trader Kiosks - Can They Transform Local Markets?

Trader kiosks

Do we need trader kiosks? Street markets have been present in towns and cities for an extremely long time with many often being set up in the same location as they were back in the middle ages! Still very much a way of life in most parts of Europe, here in the UK in recent years, however, many markets have been struggling and some have even had to close due to the competition brought about by the introduction of big supermarket chains. Like many independent retailers on the High Street, market traders have also been negatively affected by the decline of the economy.

But all is not lost. With much publicised initiatives by Mary Portas, the Love Your Local Market campaign and NABMA & NMTF’s joint ‘Mission For Markets’ Manifesto, local markets and town councils are being supported and encouraged from all directions. With the rise in interest and popularity for street food, hand crafted goods and consumers’ increasing preference for local produce, markets are fighting a strong battle. There are around 1200 local markets up and down the UK (source: NMTF) and many councils are actively encouraging more traders to set up stalls in the heart of their communities. They’re also holding specialist markets to try and introduce more choice and variety and supporting new traders to come and serve the local community, bringing people back to the streets and town centres.

Trader kiosks - the benefits for traders

Contemporary markets offer consumers choice, but it’s equally important for councils to try and find new ways of modernising the traditional retail environment. Trader kiosks are ideal for this purpose. Not only do they smarten and freshen up the look of markets, they also provide traders with high quality pitches, improved working conditions and perfect branding opportunities. Trader kiosks offer protection from the elements, improved security and an attractive selling environment to entice customers. With different sizes available to suit the needs of any trader, each kiosk can also be designed and fitted out to exact requirements.

trader kiosks

Trader kiosks - the benefits for councils and local authorities

There are benefits for local authorities and town councils too. Trader kiosks are perfect when fixed in one location but are portable enough to be relocated if desired, offering a secure, but mobile, retail unit option. Once in position, kiosks can be used for storage purposes, house catering or electrical equipment, include light fittings, incorporate logo, branding and paint applications and can be locked securely at closing time. Setting up time: Minimal. Dismantling at closing time: Not Necessary

trader kiosks

If you would like to discuss how trader kiosks could be used to revamp your town centre, market square or high street, please give us a call to discuss the various options available. Or write to us using our online contact form.

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