Mobile Bars - Serving Large Numbers of Customers in a Short Space of Time

Mobile Bars

Large kiosks are ideally suited and perfectly adaptable to act as mobile bars. Mobile bar kiosks can be used in any setting, from festivals and stadiums to events and club grounds. Large enough to house all the bar and refrigeration equipment you need and spacious enough to accommodate the numbers of staff necessary to serve thirsty customers quickly and efficiently.

As with all retail and catering companies, it is important to consider the potential safety and security issues of mobile bars and this is where a kiosk will really benefit your business. No matter which size is chosen, kiosks can be tailored to suit any requirements, including the addition of secure drop down shutters, window grilles and alarm systems, enabling you to protect your equipment and stock once closing time arrives. The steel reinforced kiosks are able to withstand all weather conditions and are secure enough to cope with any threats that could be presented to your portable bar when it’s unmanned.

Mobile Bars - case studies

mobile bars

Thatchers Cider mobile bar

The Thatchers mobile bar at Bath rugby club and the one used at Lord’s Cricket Ground (below) are great examples, both showcasing the versatility of mobile bars. Positioned in prime locations at both clubs, the bar units have been designed to serve a large number of customers in a short space of time. Thatchers Cider even began to see cider outstripping lager sales for the first time back in 2011.

mobile bars

Mobile bar at Lord's Cricket Ground

Why choose mobile bars?

Mobile bars allow you to set up shop at any venue and offers you the flexibility to have it equipped and branded according to your exact specifications. You can be sure your bar will be of high-quality, will look professional and will provide your staff with the opportunity to work in excellent conditions, come rain or shine

If you’re interested in using a mobile bar unit for your brand or event, please contact us by calling us on 01905 613850 or use our contact form to get in touch.

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