Construction Buildings - Kiosk Uses in the Construction Industry

Construction Buildings - why use kiosks?

More and more construction and building companies are using kiosks as construction buildings, site offices or marketing suites. And no wonder. As flexible, versatile, comfortable and, most importantly, secure and cost-effective portable buildings, kiosks offer construction and building sites the perfect accommodation solution. Modular, portable kiosks can be installed in all locations. They are available in a variety of sizes and are perfect for use as site offices, marketing suites and canteens, or as mess rooms, changing rooms or meeting rooms. Some clients even choose a window-reduced kiosk as a on-site storage unit.

Construction Buildings


Kiosks as Construction Buildings - the benefits:

The kiosks manufactured by UK Kiosks are finished to the highest technical specification. Foam-filled polycarbonate panels ensure strength, durability and insulation, enabling each kiosk to withstand the rigours of building sites and all temperatures and weather conditions.

Transportation is straightforward too - portable kiosks are fixed to steel pallet bases for simple portability and can be repositioned very easily with a forklift, pallet or hiab truck, depending on their size. 

Whilst our robust construction buildings can be delivered to any site, including those in exposed or more remote areas, each kiosk can also be equipped to clients' exact specifications. This may include extra windows for widespread visibility and thorough monitoring of the site, anti-vandal shutters for protection against theft or damage, air conditioning units or heaters.

Offering fast delivery times, these multi-purpose buildings are ready for immediate occupation once installed and are manufactured to provide years of almost maintenance-free service.

Our construction buildings come in a regular white durable finish which is resilient and easy to clean. For further enhancement, company logos and colour schemes can be added using our graphics, paint and application service.

If you are thinking of buying or renting a site office or would like further information about the UK Kiosks’ range of products, telephone 01905 613850, contact us online or take a look at our online shop.


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