Security Guard Cabins: Deterring Criminals and Other Benefits

Security Guard Cabins

All commercial businesses are at risk from criminals. The disruption caused by break-ins, theft and vandalism can be very costly, both in terms of time and money. Protecting your business, personnel and assets and ensuring piece of mind with the right security systems in place is, therefore, a wise investment. 

Security Guard CabinsManned security guard cabins would make an ideal solution for any large organisation or business. The very presence of security guard cabins at the entrance of premises act as a deterrent to would be intruders and helps to protect the site against crime. As well as being an ideal base from which a security team can operate, there are many other advantages to be had from introducing manned security guard cabins to business premises.

Security Guard Cabins - added benefits:

  • Reception Duties – The use of security guard cabins as the main reception for your business allows security staff to welcome personnel and clients, greet and announce guests and visitors, handle deliveries, arrange courier despatches and perform key holding duties
  • Concierge Service - For businesses where events or tradeshows are being held, security guard cabins hut could be used as a temporary Concierge Kiosks (see picture above)
  • Access Control – Manned security guard cabins, positioned at the entry point of any site, is the easiest way to ensure that all individuals have permission to enter the site
  • Surveillance of the site – By installing windows on all sides of security guard cabins, all-round visibility and surveillance of the site entrance and car parking areas is ensured
  • External Patrols – Security guard cabins are the ideal base from which any security team can perform regular external patrols of the buildings and its perimeters
  • Safety Provisions – Depending on its size, a security guard cabin can be used to house and manage the safety provisions required for any business
  • CCTV Camera Monitoring – By placing CCTV monitors in the unit, constant monitoring of all areas of the site can be observed and recorded in one location
  • Conducting Risk Assessments – Security staff can carry out regular risk assessments of the facility to help identify any areas of weakness that need improving and find the right solutions to fit in with company requirements
  • Dealing with Emergencies – Any minor or major emergencies can be dealt with and documented professionally, quickly and safely
  • Insurance Premium Reduction – Insurance companies can give substantial insurance discounts to companies which have a 24-hour security personnel presence

UK Kiosks has provided many security guard cabins for different companies, including Waitrose, GlaxoSmithKline, Fairline Boats, Berkeley Homes, GE Aviation and many more. Take a look at the security guard cabin gallery for further information, call us on 01905 613850 or contact us online.


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