Charity Kiosks: Helping Charities Raise Awareness

Why use charity kiosks?

Charities have a hard job when it comes to raising awareness and obtaining donations. One of the major problems is the fact that there are so many different charities out there. Some have the advantage of being instantly recognisable while others are small, unfamiliar and find it hard be noticed. Whether you are a well-known charity or a relatively unfamiliar one, competition for donations, volunteers or other forms of support is extremely high for all.

So, what does this mean to potential charity supporters or donators? The public is bombarded by charity uniformed volunteers approaching them on the high street and by the many plastic bags arriving through their letterboxes. On the Charity Choice UK website one can sift through over 160,000 UK charities on their online directory. The choice is almost limitless and therefore profusely difficult.

Online or offline direct mailings undoubtedly work, but for many people it’s a personal experience that is the main instigator. Whether it’s prompted by a family member or friend, a story read in the news or a personal circumstance, a memorable occurrence is, more often than not, the trigger.

Raising awareness with charity kiosks

So how else can charities engage people and raise their profile? We have seen an increase in demand from charities for the use of charity kiosks. Converted from our range of information and retail kiosks, charity kiosks are an eye-catching and cost-effective way for charities to attract crowds at events, shows and other venues. Charities are following profit-making businesses and seizing the opportunity in taking advantage of the large audiences available at these high footfall locations, with a view to increase awareness, enhance profiles and boost donations. Here are a few reasons why charity kiosks are a success:

charity kiosks

  • Whether used for information, retail or first aid purposes, charity kiosks can be branded with any charity logo and colour scheme, creating a distinct and eye-catching display which is clearly visible even in the busiest of locations.
  • Kiosks are a cost-effective, versatile and flexible accommodation solution for any business. Much more affordable and versatile than a bricks and mortar shops.
  • Unlike temporary fabric stalls or gazebos, charity kiosks are lockable, provide a safe base for storing cash, can be secured at night and, as an extra security precaution, can be fitted with roller shutters on doors and windows to protect the goods inside.
  • Kiosks are portable and therefore easy to transport from one site to another. This enables a charity to be present at various locations, helps spread the word far and wide and reach a variety of different audiences.
  • Once on site, a charity kiosk gives charities a genuine base, helping to generate consumer confidence and trust in the charitable organisation.
  • Kiosks can be used to store and share marketing materials, sell fundraising merchandise and provide a comfortable, weather-resilient base for staff.
  • Non-profit organisations can use kiosks to generate a buzz around their charity and help to educate the masses in a friendly but informative way.
  • All kiosks from UK Kiosks are finished to the highest technical specification. Made with foam-filled polycarbonate panels for strength, durability and insulation, our charity kiosks are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, enabling them to be utilised in all climates and weather conditions.

These are just a few of the reasons why the use of charity kiosks is increasing in numbers. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the use of our kiosks for your non-profit organisation. Do give us a call on 01905 613850 or, alternatively, contact us by email.


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