Alternative Setup Idea for a Mobile Catering Business

Catering Kiosks

Decided to make a start in the mobile catering business? Have you perfected your recipe for the dirtiest burger, ultimate hot dog, finest coffee blend, greatest cocktail, best ice cream, healthiest juice or other such tantalising offering? Tested your menu on friends and family? Done your research, finalised your business plan and are now ready to take your new business venture on the road?

If so, have you thought about what type of catering setup you're going to need? A catering kiosk, trailer, van, kart, stall or gazebo?

Let us help you.

catering kiosksIf a combination of convenience, weather-resilience and cost are of utmost importance in your deliberation and, let’s be honest, for most start-up businesses these will be key factors, then using one of a range of catering kiosks as your setup of choice may well be worth considering.


The benefits of using catering kiosks

catering kiosksA well designed and branded catering kiosk often looks better than an old trailer, is much cheaper than a van, protects your business from the elements, unlike gazebo, stalls and karts, and are surprisingly affordable. All in all, catering kiosks are an innovative, versatile and cost-effective option for any catering vendor.

UK Kiosks offers a range of catering kiosks which offer clients a flexible, adaptable and long-lasting accommodation solution. They can be utilised in any location and are very easy to transport and install.

Clients can be safe in the knowledge that each unit is finished to the highest technical specification and can be equipped to exact specifications, including additional windows, catering equipment, sliding windows, safety drawers, display systems, anti-vandal shutters, service counters and heaters.

catering kiosksWe have installed many of our kiosks for both well-known brands and new businesses at sporting venues, events, festivals, shopping malls, town centres and railway stations. Catering kiosks are available in a range of sizes and configurations and are suitable for use as street food kiosks, coffee kiosks, food cubes, bar units, kiosk cafés, ice cream kiosks, food & beverage units, catering outlets or concessions and food stalls. In fact, their suitability is only limited by your imagination!

Catering Kiosks Design Options

Catering kiosks come in a standard white long-lasting finish which is resilient and easy to clean. To further enhance the kiosks in a brand, company logo or colour scheme, we offer a complete graphics, paint and application service, providing powerful brand exposure.

If you are thinking of buying or renting a catering kiosk or would like further information about the UK Kiosks’ range of products, telephone 01905 613850 or get in touch by email.

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