Car Park Kiosks can improve parking standards

Car Park Kiosks - why we need them

The number of vehicles on British roads continues to rise year upon year. The Statistics Portal,, estimates that this year the number of cars on the road in the UK will reach 31.4 million. This means, coupled with a diminishing number of on-road parking places in town centres, that the demand for spaces in car parks is set to increase significantly. Car parks, therefore, need to be well organised in order to avoid any chaos that may arise at busy times and avoid the potential dangers for drivers and pedestrians.

How car park kiosks can be used

One of the most efficient ways of improving the management of car parks and maintaining an orderly operation is by the introduction of a car park kiosk. These portable units can be positioned in any location and provide a suitable work environment for any car park attendant. With the added benefit of car park kiosks, attendants can assist in controlling traffic flow, display helpful signage, avoid unauthorised parking problems, deal with enquiries, give help with directions, handle security issues, manage payments and allow for surveillance of all areas with the addition of CCTV cameras. Having a monitored and maintained car park eliminates some of the hazards associated with parking and ensures an efficient and well-managed car parking facility. Safety is also enhanced for the car park attendant, offering a secure place of work and a discreet location for the storage of money, keys or other valuables.

car park kiosks

The benefits of Car Park Kiosks

Car park kiosks from UK Kiosks are a long-lasting and cost-effective way to control traffic flow to and from any parking facility. Providing flexible and versatile accommodation solutions, our portable kiosks are suitable for use at any parking location and can be used as a permanent feature or rented as a temporary parking measure for events and special occasions. With a wide range of kiosks available, from standard to custom-built sizes and designs, our car park booths are both low maintenance and affordable and are constructed to meet the needs of any parking application.

Suitable for use as parking kiosks, gate houses, security huts, information booths or payment offices, UK Kiosks’ pre-fabricated car park kiosks provide a quick alternative to conventionally built traffic control structures.

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