Sales Kiosks: 10 Top Tips to Increase Sales

Pop Up Retail Units: Perfect Temporary Shops

Are you considering setting up a temporary retail kiosk or pop up retail unit at a shopping centre, event, festival or another similar venue? If so, then advance planning will be key. Before embarking on any such project you will need to take some time to consider a. what you are trying to achieve b. which opportunities lie ahead and c. develop a strategy which will ensure maximum outcome for your business. Kiosks or pop up retail units can give you the ideal platform to reach new audiences and make some great sales, but it can only be really successful if you are able to impress passers-by, attract their attention and convert interest into sales.

Pop Up Retail Units Tips

Here are 10 simple tips for making the most out of pop up retail units:

  1. Research the location or event demographics. Get to know who your potential customers are likely to be and prepare a marketing strategy according to your audience.
  2. Consider branding. How can you make the outside of your pop up shop eye-catching for passers-by? Reflect your brand’s image by using logos and colours on its exterior and make it stand out from the crowd.
  3. Try zoning your pop up retail unit into specialist areas in order to give customers a clear destination for their needs.
  4. Capture the imagination of visitors with the fit out and visual merchandising of your temporary shop by adding some striking displays and creating a buzz around desirable products.
  5. Take your best stock to the pop up retail unit in order to impress and raise the interest of consumers. But don’t ‘over’ stock the shop. Make sure it stays looking neat, tidy and attractive at all times.
  6. Train staff and teach them how to interact with the public in a way which is highly engaging without being intimidating or pushy.  Make sure they can relate to the audience by exhibiting warmth and personality which will invite people in, get them talking and leave a positive lasting impression.
  7. Print off new marketing materials to direct visitors to your website and social media profiles. Whilst they may not be able to buy from you there and then, they could look you up in the future and make purchases at a later date.
  8. Hold an on-site competition or website promotion as a way to collect leads, expand a client database or boost customer communication.
  9. Interact with other businesses or vendors in the vicinity and create a feel good factor amongst fellow traders.
  10. Learn from the experience. Record feedback, customer comments and staff observations, and work with the data collected to make improvements to your business and products for the future.

A kiosk shop or pop up retail unit offers a lot of potential to both large brands and new start-ups. By taking the time to consider the best way to make use of the opportunities they bring will help you reap the rewards of your new venture.


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