Opening a Catering Kiosk? Things You Need to Know

There are many different arenas for a catering kiosk. You can find pitches in markets, trade from licensed spaces in town centres and retail parks or launch your business in a car park. As a street trader it’s important to plan ahead and become aware of the various laws and regulations you will need to abide by in order to start your business in a safe, legal and profitable way.

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Here are a few facts to be aware of, and to work through, before opening a catering kiosk:

  • If you plan on employing someone to work with you, you must have the correct employer’s liability insurance.
  • Make sure each person who will be coming into contact with the food is fully trained.
  • Read up on food hygiene and create a management system that is based upon hazard analysis and critical control points.
  • Don’t forget to perform health and safety risk assessments before setting up and review these at regular intervals.
  • If you take on more than five employees you will need to write and record a Health and Safety Policy Document. A fire risk assessment will also need to take place.
  • Speak to your local council about the necessary licenses that you may require in your area such as a Street Trader’s License or Hawkers Licence.
  • Not every council will permit street trading, speak to your local authority to see if it’s possible to set up in your chosen area.
  • Use only reliable, and legally-acceptable, equipment to be able to work safely and profitably.
  • Keep all licences, insurance documents and legal papers accessible, but safely stored away, in your catering kiosk.
  • For further information, the Nationwide Caterers Association can give you much advice. Here is NCASS’ start up checklist.            

The use of a catering kiosk as your base, will provide you with a cost effective way of setting up and creating a suitable, safe and secure work environment for you and your employees. Enjoy cooking your delicious food!

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