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Latest News from UK Kiosks

At UK Kiosks we’re trying to revolutionise an industry that takes your custom for granted.

As part of that mission we aim to provide you with information on why you should be getting your electrical cabinets, cabins and kiosks from us.

We try to answer everything you might want to know about our products and services below, but if you find we haven’t covered something yet, please feel free to get in touch!

GRP in Construction

What is GRP? GRP is an acronym for Glass Reinforced Plastic – it is also commonly referred to as fibreglass. The material is strong and extremely versatile which means that

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The Label Creation Station

We recently visited our manufacturing client, after they had their label creation station installed on their factory floor, and we were lucky to see the 3.90m x 2.10m Worcester Range

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FAQ’s – Kiosks & Booths

Are you still asking questions about our kiosks and booths? Not sure if you’ve got all the answers you need before submitting an enquiry? Well, look no further! We’ve compiled

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